Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Connection: To Dirt, To Family

So I was just reflecting on the Lenten season and realized that since then I have been less "plugged in." I mean, I love reading others blogs and writing here and keeping up with fashion and design and new recipes via pinterest. Also love keeping up with friends photos on Instagram. It's all good, but a big part of me loves when I do less of that. What helps is a good book. And nice weather. And a conscious effort to be a good example to Tegegne, as I often tell him "no...he cannot play a game on the Ipad because it's a waste of time and he should be reading or playing instead..." 

I know eventually we should get smart phones, and maybe even an I phone...ooh, laa, la. But then again, I sort of like still having to write down directions and use my good instincts to get to where I need to go. Or do I? It would be really fun to have a nice camera on my phone. And video. 

There is just something about being connected to the real world, like reality, ya know? Makes me wanna go digging my toes into the dirt. I noticed the other day that I'm more productive when I'm barefoot. Is that funny? It's something about the feeling of my feet taking steps, the coolness of the hardwoods, the small crumbs from breakfast getting stuck to my feet that make me wanna sweep my floor. The day that my children (right now it's all Hensley) make less of a mess eating will be a glorious day. 

Speaking of Hensley, am pretty excited for you, Little Lady, to fall in love with underwear and realize that diapers are for babies. Two days ago I asked, "Hens, want to sit on the potty?" You replied, "Not today." Ha, not today! Your vocab is growing and it's so awesome. Not today was quite an honest answer. 

I guess you kids realize that I do expect you to read this blog someday. I better try to start making it into a book or something, just in case it would ever go away. I just love you kids so much, your dad and I do. And we hope that you can read and understand a bit more about your childhood. All the memories that you may be too young to recall...

Just last night we had some sweet backyard time. We had a Jones sandwich. It was Daddy, then Mommy (watch out kids!), then Tegegne, then Daddy's long arms reached and put Hensley on top. (Fields was sleeping already.) We opted not to go to the Arts District and walk around but have a back yard night. It was a stellar choice. It's funny, but you kids liked watching your dad and I cuddle. I know it's comforting when you know that mommy and daddy love each other very much. Tegegne you blush when we kiss in front of you, and we love it.

Once again, everyone in the house is asleep but me so I'd best get the memo. Tomorrow will be here before I know it and this is obviously the best time to catch up on sleep.



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