Monday, April 15, 2013

Conversations: With Hensley

Hi Hensley,

We've been conversing for a while now, but more recently your sentences are getting longer. It's so neat to see you thinking it through. You'll start a sentence, pause, and then add another word or two.

Here are some of our recent conversations...

H: (During lunch today)Th-t looks good...or nasty!...I'm excited to eat th-t....More cheese? Yeah? Yeah? You like it? Yours good?

H: Shhh, "Gun-yea's" sleeping... (he's actually at school, but you were pretending he was hiding in the closet)
H: Mommy, I found a bug. Come! (I follow you to your bed, and you point out the smallest little fleck of wood.) 
M:Oh, that's not a bug, that's just wood.
H:It's jus wood, Mommy. Dat's jus wood, not a bug.

(I handed you your tooth brush this morning...)
H: Dat mine?
M: You got it, Sista!
H: I not sister, I Hens-ee, I Hens-ee Mommy! You Mommy, I Hens-ee!

H: Das Daddy, Das Hens-ee. (Pointing to Maisy the Mouse as "Daddy", who happened to be sitting on the potty, and you were Maisy's little friend, who was also sitting on a smaller potty.

Speaking of potty. We're out of disposable diapers (which you wear because Fields uses the cloth now.) This morning I told you we're out of diapers and you'd have to use the potty. Going well so far with no accidents and 4x in your potty. Yay! You and Fieldsy are on nap #2 and I best get back to work. 



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