Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend: And Results

Cousins. Andrea and I.
I think you know these two.
My mama and Cousin Christina (who supplies most of Hensley's wardrobe...we are sooo grateful!) 
Happy Birthday Grandma! She got a Shirley Temple doll which took her back to childhood and telling stories! 
Cousins. Played so well together.
Andrea and her Boy Orien, just a month younger than Hensley. 
Andie and Bob's Strawbale house and a beautiful sky!

My Mama (Grandma Debby), Grandma Ileen, Aunt Donna, Aunt Deanna

We enjoyed our weekend. Did you? Although we missed the Jacob's Well Pilgrimage (which is usually the highlight of our year, seriously!) we did get to attend a lovely party in the country. Remember Andie and Bob and their straw bale house? They are still working hard on it, but this weekend they just had a party to celebrate the half way point. We also celebrated Grandma Ileen's birthday! 

Sunday we had a nice visit with the Joneses. Ababayeh thought he had to go back to work today, but got there and realized he starts tomorrow! So he gets another day at home and we are all so happy. Went to Soho Bakery for a breakfast treat and now he's tiling the bathroom floor. I must get down there and help, or at least be moral support!

Got the test results back and I do have gestational diabetes. I am hoping to meet with a dietitian soon to find out what kind of diet she suggests, and to get a few of my questions answered. In the mean time I'm trying to eat only whole grains for carbs and limit my sugar intake.  

That's all from this home front. May the start to your week be a good one!



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