Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boxy Love: Mirrors And Stuff

Boxes. I love boxes. Thought these 3 wall hung box configurations were quite nice. The last one is quite cute for kids. I was thinking that a boxy composition like the first one would be interesting above our 4' farmhouse sink in our restroom with mirrors in the backs of two of the boxes. But a round mirror hung with rope like this one would also be cool. Or two tall skinny mirrors like these. Or a big gold-gilded mirror (which we found in our basement when we moved in!)

Michael is up the street helping with our neighborhood clean-up, and the kids and I are headed up there to join them for lunch. It's a bit overcast in Kansas City today, which is a great break from the heat. We enjoyed our first event at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center last night, and this morning Michael fed the kids breakfast so I could sleep in, then he made me blueberry pancakes. 

Here are some other things I've checked out recently:

An old friend just started selling her cute little illustrations on postcards.

Check out these uses of copper. Shiny and gorgeous. 

Wouldn't this spot be lovely for a little R&R?

Have a great day!



(boxes, boxes, more boxes)

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