Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

Dear Fields,

Hi there sweet baby. Here's the deal. I went to the doctor today and got an update. First of all, I got to see you in a sonogram and I love that. Secondly, you are 5 lbs 5 oz already and I have lots of extra amnionic fluid, so I'm taking the gestational diabetes 3 hour test tomorrow to see if I have that. I'll let you know what they say. If this is true, I'll have to adjust my diet and such. We'll figure it out though, no worries. I also still have partial placenta previa so this most likely means a c-section delivery.

And guess what else your dear 'ol mom gets to do first thing tomorrow morning. Have a root canal! I don't sit around eating lollipops or drinking juice, but I don't have the best luck when the dentists do those x-rays. Please inherit your father's tooth genes, (if, in fact these things are hereditary.)

Besides those wah-wah's we are doing well. Your pops is working night and day trying to get the first floor bathroom done before school starts Monday. I think he may have some form of superhero in his genes. He dreams of the day that you and Tegegne can help him on projects! Oh the things you two will learn.

We've had some sweet house guests, dear Kate, my college friend, and her 4 year old daughter, Norah. Kate's been cooking for all of us and Norah and Tegegne have been playing a ton. They screwed together those "drywall robots" with Ababayeh!

Love you little guy. Thanks for moving around all of the time. It brings me great joy.


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