Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Getaway: St. Louis

Welp, we got out of town for a bit and I forgot to leave one of those sweet little notes here that said "See you in a week!" We first visited The Ranch, Big Sky Ranch, that is. Stayed there for a week and relaxed. Then visited Uncle Eric (my brother) and Aunt Erica in St. Louis. And now we're home. We really enjoyed ourselves. (Thanks for hosting us, dear family.)

Tegegne, you really wanted to see the cheetas at the St. Louis Zoo, as they are your favorite animal at the moment. They were hiding. Silly cheetas. You were quite understanding though. We did have a good time watching the penguins and puffins, elephants, and bears. 

Saturday we spent the morning at the South Tower Grove Farmers Market. The live music (Brothers Lazaroff), fountain/pool, and watermelon basil soda were quite awesome. 

The best part of the weekend was our time with Eric and Erica. Hensley was in Aunt Erica's arms most of the weekend, and Tegegne hung out in Uncle Eric's lap (by hung out I mean "jumped around"). A few more highlights were the wicked beats and fantastic sounds that Ababayeh and Hensley played on Eric's organ, and Erica's ceramics show

Did I mention that I love E & E's decor in their house? I would have taken more photos but Michael and I walked in and quickly re-arranged the place so Hensley didn't break any of Erica's one-of-a-kind works of art or Eric's antique banjo and other cool things.



P.S. Oh, and for the sake of remembering these little milestones...Hensley, while on our trip you made your way to the big toilet twice and with Ababayeh's help pooped and peed! Hooray! 

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