Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Dreams: Kids Bedding Concepts

As we think about Fields joining the crew, Hensley will move up to the "yellow bed" and Tegegne will stay in his black iron bed (which was Ababayeh's as a boy). We had thought about building bunk beds for Hens and Tegegne, but we have two cute beds that will work fine and there room is plenty big for both. So, I started brainstorming bedding ideas. Here's the first. Bold color, texture, pattern..."around the world concept"...they already have a large world map in their room. I have many ideas for their room, and lately have been up all night thinking about design ideas. We'll see how it comes together. Design on a dime, think resourcefully, gather all of my fabric, quilts, blankets, and see what I can use!

(via pinterest, JA)

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