Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day: Boom, Sparkle, Sparkle!

Happy Independence Day! 

We originally had no plans for the holiday weekend, then some friends called and offered us their lovely home for the holiday. So, we packed up and moved to the Westside. Their house is quite modern and was designed by 360 Architecture, my old workplace! Tonight we'll have a great view of several displays from their rooftop terrace with a hot tub (we enjoyed the hot tub last night as it was cool enough for the whole fam)!

Other life updates, our sweet sweet dog Owen moved to Grandpa Ben and Grandma Debby's at Big Sky Ranch. It was a mutual decision, as they have had 2 doggies pass away recently and were looking for a companion for their sweet yellow lab, and we know it is Owen's dreamland with 80 acres and two large swimming ponds. We are going to miss him and it will be a transition, but it just means more visits to Big Sky Ranch which is nothing but a good thing!

Pregnancy is going well. My belly got super big, super fast, but just because it's like "been there, done that, and I know where I'm headed!" Fields is healthy, I'm healthy. I do have placenta previa, and if it doesn't resolve I'll have to do another c-section so we'll have 2 more ultrasounds at 30 and 36 weeks to see about that. 

Taryn and Micah welcomed Baby Hazel Elece Waters on June 30th at 6:46am. She is beautiful and teeny tiny (7 lb 2 oz, 20 in). We are so excited she's here and love seeing Micah and Taryn as parents. I can't believe I haven't taken any photos yet! 

And The Tour is on, so no better time to kick back and relax!

Happy Fourth! 


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