Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hensley Ruth: 17 Months + Potty Training

Dear Hensley,

You are actually 16 months and 4 weeks, which I do want to make note of for information's sake.  I'd heard of this woman (Julie Fellom) who wrote a book about potty training your toddler between 15 and 28 months.  Then I read several other sources that had similar information. I have a few friends that did something along these lines with their young daughters. As we both know, you are less and less interested in being in a dirty or wet diaper (usually cloth) these days, you've become quite interested in watching the rest of the family go potty, you sometimes let me know when you were going, etc. We also both know that your baby brother is on his way, we have one set of cloth diapers, and I'm becoming more and more pregnant by the day, so I thought we may as well try out Fellom's potty training tips and see what you think!

You spent all of yesterday and today with no "bubby" (diaper) or clothes...just naked as a jay bird (minus nap/sleep time). When you woke up Friday morning, we waved "bye-bye" to the "bubbys" and had a removal ceremony. After that we either hung out by the potty upstairs or downstairs with lots of special drinks, salty snacks, fruits, special reward candy, towels on the floor and a few toys and books. Oh, and most importantly a dolly that peed and got rewarded and did the potty dance. (Several sources I read suggested the doll that actually wets herself, but I just poured a little juice in when doll went pee.) We used a little timer that went off every 15 minutes, which is when I encouraged you to sit on the potty and give it a try. You sat on the potty a ton. You peed on the floor/towels a ton. You only peed in the potty twice because I caught you going and you continued to go when I sat you down. 

Then tonight you pooped in the thing. I was so surprised and happy. We celebrated big time and your potty dance and facial expression was so awesome! You were really proud. 

It's been a great two days with you, and you have loved the special mommy-and-me-non-stop-floor-time. I'm thinking that you're not quite ready to be diaper-free 100%, because you always seemed caught off guard when you did start going and never actually told just said "Uh-oh" or "No-no" right after you went! We will continue to sit you on the potty and try to go cold-turkey again in a few months. 

Thanks for being willing to learn, Hens. I'm proud of you and love you so much.



This is your expression.  
You look so big here!
We fare-welled the boys and you cried so hard!
You love these two so much!

Today we gave "big girl" underwear a try. Notice the blue ones flying through the air!
You wanted them all on at once. So you wore two pair and your dolls wore the rest. 

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