Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas: Love, Joseph

You saw us in the crowd, and are waving to your surprise friend that came...Miss Ababayeh and Mike!

We were so proud of you, little "Joseph." You did awesome in your Christmas Play. It was adorable.  I know Michael sometimes gets defensive when people comment on your "size", but I just have to say that the first photos of your feet dangling on the hay bale are just cute. Yep, you are the smallest in class, but most of these kiddos are going to kindergarten next year and because of your September birthday you'll go the year after. 

Thank you so much photographer friend, Matthew Collins, for taking the photos for us! (Tiger's dad...striped tights! And then there's your best bud, Soren, to her right!) Seriously, check out Matthew's work. Oh my gosh, the portraits..."the boys"'s all so good.


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