Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Making: Easy & Fun

Sunburst Mirror Tutorial. Easy peasy. Just need white poster board, tiny mirror, glue gun and scissors. 

White Christmas Trees in Jars.  I love these. She used tall and skinny old Alka Seltzer Jars. Mason jars would work though. W painted lids. Then get a brushes from the hardware store and trim them like a tree. (She just said get mini trees....) I also love her idea of turing the jars right side up and taping string to the lid and dangling stars. 

Fringe Scarf. Seriously easy. Only supplies are old t-shirt, scissors, and your hands!

Bleach pen shirt! Shirt, or tea towel, cloth napkins, onsie, and your own creativity. 

Felt Shingle Tree. A thick vintage fabric could work, too. Supplies are foam cone, pins, scissors. Pretty simple. 

Happy Making! 



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