Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holidays + Housemate: Good Times

Well, hello again. It's been too long and I feel like I want to write about several things at once...soooo I may just do that. 

First off, tis the season for dinner with friends, decorating the tree, gift making, and thinking of others! Went to a gift making party with a few friends and it got me going. I did make this bracelet and I plan to make these... 
Hex Nut Bracelet How-To
I'm dying to make this chocolate pudding and serve it with vanilla bean icecream. So basic, so good. 

Michael's been making delicious bread like a madman, and tonight he made pita bread from scratch. We had good friends around the table, white chili, black bean soup, mini corn muffins, pita and hummus, and sourdough w flax and vanilla bean butter.  The carbs made a serious appearance! 

And lastly, we've got a new housemate. Mike. A high schooler that was staying with our dear friends. They have to be out of town for the month, and we are so glad he's here. It is so fun. Our kids are now sharing a room, which I had been wanting to do anyways. It's a houseful and we love it. A highlight with Mike so far was when he had Michael, Tegegne and I in the dining room trying to learn the jerk, cat daddy, the wheelchair, and the dougie. Oh my was it fun! The harder we tried, the more Mike laughed. We are determined to make our white bodies move, and you know Tegegne looks cute busting his moves. 

 For the love of dancing,


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