Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hensley Ruth: 9 Months (+ 2 wks)

Well Little Hensley. We still think you're great. Nine months, wow. Kind of a cool age because you were in my belly for the same amount of time. All moms would agree that it is quite a miracle to be able to "grow" another little human. Just got done feeding you a banana orange smoothie. You also love pureed mexican chili. We are trying to give you one bottle of whole milk a day in hopes to start the one year weaning-from-mamas-milk process. (Because I'm secretly (shhhh) trying to tag along on Ababayeh's trip to France this year...but also hoping to get to Boston and RISD to visit a friend before that. Aka, our first overnight(s) away since...I'm not's been awhile. Gramma Debby, you ready for this?) You use the potty every now and then and your face lights up each time! 

You will be walking any day now. You love sharing a room with your brother. You think he's hilarious and he thinks he's hilarious so that works well for everyone.

Photo number one represents you and a "toy" that is not really a toy that you found laying out because your brother was playing puppy. This is not a part of your everyday playtime.

Photo number two is with dear Aunt Kyna, whose middle name is also Ruth after Grandma Jody (Ruth Josephine). We had a fun pool visit to see Auntie last week!



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