Monday, November 29, 2010

Stripes & Florals

what a stinkin' cool kids bed and bedroom...the stripes, the colors, the rugs sewn together, and seriously...a ferris wheel? blogged about here.

i must get a photo of the darling bed that Gramma Debby made for you, tegegne. she made you a bed out of an old gray wood slat door with a kids mattress sitting softly on top. it's just as cute as the bed in the photo above. too bad it's staying at her house! 

over thanksgiving weekend Gramma Debby and I got to plan some for your little sisters room. i was thinking of vintage florals, and she gathered a great selection of old tablecloths, and floral fabric that we are going to use in Hensley's room. my dilemma is that you two will most likely share a room (this is in our potentially new house that we don't own or can't even think about buying until we get our house sold). i'm not sure how your look and hers will come together, but i do eagerly anticipate getting to put it together soon.

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