Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Food...Yum

What a delightful afternoon in the kitchen with my apron on! I'm not as often in the mood to cook being pregnant and all, but today I took full advantage of my ambition. 

Been making homemade applesauce like it's going out of style. I noticed that some recipes for applesauce and and apple butter are nearly the same, so we eat ours on cornbread, or just by itself. Always warm though. I use local orchard apples, mostly Jonathan. The most recent batch came from my dad's cousins orchard. Basically peel, slice, cook apples w/ 1/2 cup water, simmer, mash w/ pastry blender or slotted spoon, add a bit of cinnamon and sugar and done. It's so good.

I also cooked Chili-Brown Sugar Delicata Squash w Pears. Recipe from Dec Eating Well magazine. 

And I'm making a version of pumpkin soup from real pumpkin (That link is the tutorial I used to cook the pumpkin...I steamed it.)  Can't decide which recipe to use, so I may make a version of these two. Coconut-pumpkin Soup and Caribbean Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup. 

On my search I got quite excited about all of these pumpkin recipes from Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Recipes. 

Tis the season for yummy food and holiday feasts! 

P.S. Tegegne, you so kindly let me cook (after having a pretty good fit about me not playing) and you played with your teddy bear like it was your sister. You said, "Mommyeh, I protect her in the box...sshhhh, she's sleeping...I sleep with her." 

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