Friday, November 19, 2010

Bold Colors, Vibrant Child

Oh little Tegegne, you are so full of life. As I sit here and feel your sister move like crazy (it's so bizarre), I only imagine how much you moved in your birth mom's tummy. You are on the move constantly out of the womb and I can just picture your birth mom laughing and having your aunt feel her tummy as you moved constantly.

Right now I am loving these moments:
- Dropping you off at school and hearing you yell to Griffin, Adam, Truth, Finley (etc) as you greet them in the classroom. The other day you handed Adam (your bff) your coat as you walked in the room and he took it and hung it in your locker. It was so cute.
- If anything is broken you say, "Ababayeh will fix it, Mommy." Things like your bib (a plastic one with the scoop to catch food), our door knob, the printer.
- My greeting when I walk in the door from work M through W is awesome. You are so happy to see me. I love it.
- I love your assistance in rubbing cocoa butter on my growing belly and your acknowledgement that your sister is in there.
- Even though I got sad at first I'm over it and I love it when you insist that Ababayeh will do it. You prefer that he does most things for you these days. He's your partner and you thrive with him.
- It's nice that I can have fun dressing you, like in the photos above. Your boots are still too big, and your legs are extra skinny in those jeans. You are so cute. It makes me laugh when women comment on your cuteness, then confirm that you are indeed a boy. It actually happened today. I'm glad you don't catch on to what they are asking!

P.S. Aren't the colors of fall so lovely on our street in the photos above?
And here is you and your pal Koen holding hands on the way home from church play group.

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