Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jumping in Leaves

You had so much fun rough housing with your dad in these leaves. You enjoyed getting covered in leaves much more than you liked my effort to remove the leaves from your little fro. A lot of good conditioner, a warm bath, and gentle combing got all of the little pieces out.  

Speaking of your hair, some days I do better than others at taming the frizz & bed head. After I got all of the leaves out, I left the conditioner in your hair. And all day your hair looked especially good.  You probably didn't notice, but ironically at dinner tonight you started singing, "I Love My Hair!" ...a really great song regarding textured hair, with many possibilities, from Sesame Street. Side note: a hair styling friend suggested we rarely shampoo, but always condition your hair. We also use a leave-in conditioner. She trimmed your hair the other day, ringlet by ringlet. I've trimmed it some since she showed me how. 

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