Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Mother: A Blessed Soul

Mother and Son
Hi there. It's a pony tail kind of day, or week for that matter. I've been busy with a design project, which has included many daytime phone calls, a site visit with 3 kids in tow, and many daytime hours in front of my computer. Sorry kids. I don't like being this distracted. I have battled being short with you, and reaching with all my might for patience and intentional time with you. A friend sent me this blog post about a mom who was overworked and yelled at her kids, and I cried. I notice when I am stressed with other things, I am much less patient with you. 

The week took a turn for the better thanks to two really wonderful times at church. They are doing Summer Institutes...classes that range from study of the bible, to African culture, to running club, to dancing. Michael and I are doing a study on 1 John lead by our pastor. It was so so refreshing to open the bible and study. It had been way too long. 

The other class I went to this morning was for Mothers. It was good for my soul. I sat down in the class, and Jessi, our teacher started speaking to us with her words of wisdom and I teared up. Motherhood, what a cherished and challenging job. She started our time by asking...who got others dressed besides yourselves, and fed others, and changed another's diaper this morning...she asked who helped someone in crisis. Most of us had our hands up most of the time. She noted Philippians 2:5-7 and pointed out that Jesus emptied himself. That is what mother's do. Emptying self all day, often into the night for the sake of their family.  In order to give, we must receive. Receive help from God. Jesus was able to empty himself because he was constantly with God.

She then had us share our birth and adoption and fertility stories in small groups. After that she shared more scripture and said that the bible is full of references to Mother's, she noted how God is like a Mother. Then she gave us a half hour to be by ourselves and reflect, journal, pray, walk, or whatever we pleased. It was such a wonderful morning. 

I, the Lord, made you, Kristyn.
I will help you.
Do not fear, Kristyn, whom I have chosen. 
I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring. 
And they will spring up among the grass.

Tegegne will say, "I am the Lords"
And Hensley will call on the name of Jacob;
And Fields will write on his hand, "Belonging to the Lord..."

Rephrased these things and reflected from Isaiah 44:1-5. 

More photos of you, my beloved children, with your Mother...

Tegegne, I love laughing with you.
A new mother holding you tight.
Brand New Baby Fields with his Peaceful Mother.  

Hensley, you love to eat, just like your Mother.

I spy Baby Fields!

My 2nd Day as a New Mother
We were so worried about you, Baby Tegegne! (Well, you were 2 and 4 months, but seemed closer to 18 months.)
Brand new Baby Hensley and Tired Laboring Mother
Motherhood, an exhausting and beautiful and life giving journey. 

Love you children,

Your Mother

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