Thursday, June 20, 2013

Conversations: With Our Big Boy

Mom: Tell me all about school. 
Tegegne: I was very nervous at first (Michael had to leave you in the cafeteria with all of kids and their parents who waited to walk them to their classroom.). Then more people came and I was less nervous...Recess was pretty good...played soccer, but I didn't see Kade. I didn't like that I had to wait so long for lunch. (That's my fault, son...we usually eat at 11am at home!) But we got to take a snack to recess! And I did see Kade at art...

Dad: What are your friends names?
T: Macy...and I forgot...Oh, and Towns!
D: I had Town's sister in summer school last year...he's cool!

M: And your helper teacher...what is her name?
T: Madam Prisca. She's chocolate like me. 
M: She's very pretty.
T: Yeah, she is.
D: Aren't there several chocolate kids in your class?
T: Just two. 

(Pointing at your first school worksheet of the alphabet...)
T: I colored these red and blue for the Jayhawks, and these are black and purple for the Cats.  
D: Cool, who told you that?
T: Macy. She sits at my table!

T: Towns was splashing me so much in the pool that my eyes turned red. I splashed him back. 

T: Mom, why do you want two hugs...cooome on! I've already given you one.

Then for tuck in after the second day of school I asked you the best and hardest parts of the day. The best part was playing soccer and the worst part was when the big kid pushed you because you weren't playing the game right.  I got Daddy because he has lots of experience with "bullies" on the playground. You two had a good conversation, and you know that your teacher is there to help.

We are so proud of you. A highlight for all of us in this new phase of your life, is that you get special time with Dad to and from school. So far that's involved donuts and a trip to the toy store. You two are thriving with this extra time together, and it's so neat to watch. Dad is extra excited to hear you speaking French, and overall we feel content. One of the few things your Birth Mama told us is that she wanted you to have an education. Her wish is coming true. You are witty, can converse with adults, and are at a school where people know and look after you. She would be so proud, Son.  Let's look to the stars tonight and say a prayer that she would somehow know that her wish for you is coming true. 

Love, love, love you,

Mama (You and Hensley have been calling me Mama, since that's what Fields says!)

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  1. Wonderful post, Kristyn. I've just "cyber" fallen in love with Tegegne. What beautiful memories captured! I pray that I can one day be the mama you are.


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