Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kansas City: Brick Studio

So, here it is all beautiful and in full glory! Our dream home. And yours, probably. I mean, this place has beautiful potential.  Unfortunately it's priced too high for us as it has no plumbing, electrical, HVAC, needs windows, new storefront, etc, etc, etc. Hopefully its new owner will make it really super awesome and get on the cover of Dwell Magazine

See yesterday's post (Our Pursuit of Homes) for some of our design ideas for the building. Several months ago, Michael decided to write the owners of this building and see if they'd consider selling it. After our second letter, they said they'd consider selling they have had many offers before but loved the idea of turning it into a family home. They loved that Michael was a teacher in KC, MO as they are both retired teachers. They loved it that the park was just down the street and that we had 3 children...

We really do like the idea of a family moving into the studio. That is exactly what would please us the most!

I really need to think more of you and your family because you have a lot to do on this building to be ready to live in it by fall, and that would be my goal for you. 

We had asked the price, but it wasn't until they got back to Kansas City that they got in touch with a realtor friend of theirs that thought it could sell for much more as a commercial building, aka live/work, than to sell it to a family. So, sadly, they changed their minds and it went on the market yesterday 

As for our community and close friends, thank you for your listening ear. We have talked about our pursuit to it's death. I, especially, could talk design all day and do that with every possible space. Our vacation last week was perfect timing. But now, I must takie a breakie from this pursuit and get back to what's right in front of me. (Which at the moment is Hensley's little self, sitting on my lap, trying to hit the space bar.)



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  1. I just drove by this property today and noticed the new for sale sign. I can't believe they're asking that much... how frustrating! I'll continue to keep my ears peeled. Good luck with your search!


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