Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mom + Designer: And After Hours

So I'm not quitting my day job (that's good news, isn't it kids?), but I'm not quitting my night job either.  Even though the clean clothes haven't found their drawers, dinner has been simple, and I'm pulling off the pony tail, I have so enjoyed working on these design renderings the past 5 days. I love, love, love being at home with my children. At the same time, I look forward to the days when design becomes a day job again. That will officially be when Baby Fields is in kindergarten. However, Tegegne starts kindergarten in a few months. I'm sure I'll pick up several more projects once he is a full-time school boy. 

Speaking of which, I was just thinking that I should start looking for items for his school uniform. And of course, some jazzy new shoes! 

There is much going on around here, but in honor of Lent the kids and I are trying to be as unplugged as possible. With that said, writing here is one of my favorite things so I'll be back soon with more thoughts and sharing of life's adventures with the Joneses.

P.S. Highlight of my day just happened. Fields, you finished eating and look up at me with a bashful grin that makes your shoulders shrug. Then squealing and laughing. Thanks for making me feel so awesome. It's hard to hold onto stress with your innocent joy and laughter.


Mom (Often want to sign off as Design Mom, but remember that Gabrielle snatched that up years ago.)

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