Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear Hensley: You're Two Today!

Happy Birthday Hensley Ruth! You are two years old today. Two years ago we had no idea what was in store when we met your tiny 7 lb 11 oz newborn baby self. Now you are about 25 pounds and have more personality than we can handle! 

Your first complex sentence was, "Daddy, I like your g-asses (glasses)!" 
You are a real jabber box, but you're most used phrases are sending important messages to your big brother and partner in crime. Those are "Stop It!" and "Be Quiet!" and "No THANK you." Along with "Come get me!" and before bed it's "God b-ess you." and "I love you." Besides words it's giggles or squeals or whining. You two are very close. Sharing a room has been so fun, but Tegegne has recently been lobbying to move his bed to Fields's room. (Hate to break it to ya buddy, but that baby dude still cries at night. Ain't much quieter in there.)

On the days that Tegegne is in school, you are attached to my hip. You hang out with me on the counter while we bake, you often take a good morning nap, and we play with Baby Fields and sometimes Baby Hazel. You like soothing Fields with the same phrases I use. It's so cute to catch you in a motherly moment... "Mommy's comin', mommy's comin" while you pat him gently..."Shhhh, shhhh,'s okay." Then there are your not-so-motherly moments where you take his pacifier, trying to somersault over him, or try to hold him when I'm not looking (in which case you are trying to be helpful but he's nearly your size, kid.) 

Tonight we will surprise you with a cute little cake, candles, and a balloon after dinner. Your big party is Saturday with our extended family and a few friends. We are so excited to celebrate you, sweet sweet Hensley! Thanks for hamming it up round here.



P.S. I must say, I really love it that I had a daughter. I mean my boys are wonderful too, but you and I...well, we both love shoes. (Enough said, right?) And hats and candles and chocolate and singing.  Even though I get so annoyed when you loose my earrings while getting into my jewelry...I secretly love it. I love it that I'll pass down my favorite necklace to you. You are becoming a little girl before my eyes and I am imagining you in high school. I know there will be times you won't wanna hang out with your dear 'ol ma, but I'll cherish the times you do. 

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