Friday, February 15, 2013

Fields Benjamin: 5 Months

Dear Fields,

Hello my little baby buddy. You are 5 months old! You are happy and sweet and easy going. Your cry is soft, your hair is soft, and your smile gives me a warm heart. If you are crying during the day and I am unable to soothe you, your brother or sister usually can. Earlier in the car, Hensley was saying "It's okay, it's okay..." in the sweetest little mothering tone trying to help you stop crying. Often when I'm fixing lunch and you are crying I'll notice you've stopped then I see that Tegegne is lying by you talking, or you're on his lap looking at a toy. That's what is sweet about siblings. There's a-lot-a love to share.  Your front teeth are making their way, you sit up pretty well. We will introduce you to the wide world of solid food in a few weeks. Unlike Baby Hensley, you'll offer a smile to anyone and everyone. 

We love, love, love you. I want to write more soon. I've recently taken on a design project that leaves me little extra time in the day, and the shower and I have a date. 


Mama Bee

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