Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was listening to NPR today and they were speaking about the idea of PLAY. It was so refreshing to hear and also got me thinking of you, my dear son. They spoke of adults and children needing to play and the multiple benifits it has to the mind, body, and soul. A mom shared stories of creative ways she kept her son playing outside; whether it be playing cowboys and indians or hanging out in his treehouse. This also got me thinking of you. I had to run an errand over lunch so I stopped by the house to eat. I checked out the back yard and we don't have the best trees for a tree house. Bummer. But don't worry. I've already got about 25 other ideas of ways to make our back yard a very cool place to PLAY.


  1. Michael and Kristyn,
    You will be the most wonderful parents. Your child-to-be is so fortunate. I am so moved by your decision to take a little one into your hearts and your home - a decision that I believe will be blessed beyond measure.

    You and your child-to-be are in my prayers.

    Much love,
    Christina and family

  2. My heart has grown just reading your conversation with your little fellow. You know that I have a lot of stored-up Grandma love just waiting for that special one. Thank you for sharing


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