Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interior Design Tips: From My Home To Yours

Hi there. It's me again. I won't say it's full speed ahead, but I didn't forget about you. Our main goal of the holidays was to truly relax and that's what I did. But we are back into the routine, and I am feeling good about the new year. As you may know, something I'm good at is daydreaming, especially when time allows. Lately it's been home remodeling ideas...and I've come to a conclusion. Drumroll please.

Tip #7. One key element to a fantastic home is it's connection to the great outdoors. Taking the inside out, and the outside in. These connections, these indoor/outdoor rooms, walls full of windows or bifold doors all connect the home to the outside. Nature. The place where we go to get a breath of fresh air, hear birds sing, feel a cool breeze or get warmed by the sun. 

How can this be accomplished? It depends on your own space of course, but here are some ideas.

-Take out the single back door and put in glass sliding or French doors. 
-Replace a small window with a larger one. (We renovated a 1920s bungalow attic into a master bedroom and the highlight of the room was the 4' x 6' window we installed to replace the 2' x 2' window that was there previously. It was beautiful to watch the seasons change out of that window.)
-Or go all out and add a sunroom or wall of windows. 
Here are some homes who have made this connection quite exquisitely...

These photos aren't so practical or design on a dime projects, but think conceptually about your space. What is your connection to the outdoors? I mean, just because you don't live by the ocean doesn't mean you can't spray Ocean Breeze and gaze at your large photo of the ocean now does it? Dream a little. It'll do you good.

(photo links and photo.)

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