Friday, January 18, 2013

Conversations: With Tegegne

My feet and yours.

Tegegne: Mom, I can't fall  asleep because Hensley is talking to her dolls. (Hensley wanted all 5 of her dolls in bed with her.)
M: Okay, you can take your nap in our bed.
T: Wow, your and dad's bed is the coziest.
M: Yeah, parents usually have the coziest bed...because they're the parents.

T: Mom, can we do a play date with Ella?

T: Mom, I didn't get to sit by Ella for snack. Mrs. Donna had us sit by other people.

T: Mom, I had a dream that a bunch of friends were over playing cars in the basement. Ella was here but she didn't know I was here. I didn't want to wake up yet, but I did.

I have heard lots about Ella in recent months. Pretty sure you, (and several other boys in your class) have developed your first crush! Can I be honest and say I have felt jealous?! It feels so silly. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when you introduce me to your first girlfriend like in 10 years! Oh man.

My friend was telling me this story about when she first met her high school son's girlfriend. "Mom, you were nice to too nice. You kept staring at her with this odd smile on your face." She replied, "I'm's just so weird for me!"

Lord, have mercy on Tegegne and his dating relationships! And have mercy on me, holy cow. Remind me that I am still the one who sings him to sleep at night and spreads his peanut butter.

You also have developed a crush on this Ipad game. We have a new rule. It's not so new, but you act like every time I remind you of it! Anyway, it's that book time comes before Ipad time. You earn the time by "reading" like 4 books. And some days there is no Ipad or TV. It's crazy how much you ask for it. Can't wait for warmer days. With this said, we have had fun playing baseball indoors and playing games recently.

I love you, Tegegne. You're 5 going on 15...but please don't grow up too fast. 


P.S. I was just thinking that I might get in big trouble if I share about a crush you have when you are 15. What will I ever write about then?!

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