Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Design: Elle Decor UK

So, I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to what sits on the magazine racks these days. Hensley and I were killing time before picking Tegegne back up from school so we ventured into Barnes and Noble. I found Elle Decoration, UK Edition and I love it. This magazine is jammed full of unique design ideas, informative articles, and the Nov issue even has a fantastic bread article...

It's perhaps understandable that we embraced cheap, plasticky bread in the 1960s, the decade when Britain went doolally over mass production and disposable Pop culture after decades of war-time austerity. But it seems like a good time to snap out of that habit. Real bread is too precious a thing to lose; making it is an instant route to emotional wellbeing, comforting you on dark days and reminding you that home is a place of safety and indulgence. 

And with that said I best walk the walk and not just enjoy the talk. I'm going to make a loaf of bread. Not today. But Thursday. Michael does it quite often and tells me it's so easy. So, I'll do it. And then maybe say...Oh that is easy and fun and I'm going to do it again! Yum!

Anywho, I'd highly recommend Elle Decoration, UK Edition. My friend does like the US version too.

Toodly Doo,


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