Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just the Three of Us


Just the three of us will soon be over in a few months. As good as it will be to have four of us, it is bittersweet to have had a short time as a family of three.  We have and are making the most of our family time, though. I can't believe all of the fun we have had since last Jan 19th!
Here's a recap of some of the best:

Embracing your little self for the first time outside of the orphanage.
Hearing you say "Ababayeh" at first and having no idea what you meant. 
Now hearing you say "Daddy" and being thrown totally off guard because your name for 
Michael is clearly Ababayeh.
Knowing that you, Michael, are so totally enthralled by your son. You often comment on how awesome he is. You are now speaking more French to him and having him reply, and nothing sounds better.
Eating dinner. Then without a doubt you will say, "Excuse me Ababayeh (which sounds more like bob-yeh half the time), may I sit on your lap?"
Our walks down the hill to the Plaza just to get out and people watch. 
Your excitement when I walk in the door from work, or when Ababayeh does. Or when you are trying so hard to share a story with us, but very few words come out. And lately your response, "I tink so."
Introducing you to Trick-or-Treating, the Zoo, special treats, and wow even fresh water.  It is great to watch your excitement with life. Can't wait to take you to the tree farm to get our Christmas tree.

And there's much more to say, but I'll finish.
Good night boys. Love you.
(Disclaimer: As much as we are a family of three, it often feels like 4, 5, or even 6 if you count dear Auntie Taryn, Micah, and of course our big dog Owen. Nights with all of us in the house are quite good as well.)

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  1. Tearing up with joy reading about your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing:).


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