Tuesday, March 31, 2009

you won't believe it

Dear Son,
You will not believe the goodness of the Lord today! Your dad and I are completely humbled, in tears, and speechless at the news. Some of our closest friends Andy and Jamie Jo, called tonight. Andy talked with your dad and shared that one of his friends wants to completely pay for our adoption. Yes OUR adoption. Wow! (Dear Lord please bless this generous lady at this very moment.) We are overwhelmed and speechless. We are thankful and blessed beyond our understanding. We are joyful and at peace. We are delighted in the goodness on people's hearts, especially this lady, Andy & Jamie Jo, and all others involved. Thank you dear God for providing for our every need. I knew that at the moment you spoke so clearly to me about going ahead with this adoption that you would provide the means. I just knew you would. I did not know how or from where or when. And now that my prayer is being answered I am not surprised, your faithfulness, but I am completely in awe of how this is happening. And humbled.

Dear Ma'am,

"May the Lord bless you and keep you;
may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
may the Lord turn his face to you and grant you his peace."

Michael and I, along with our son would be overjoyed to meet you some day. We would love to bless your life in some way, as you are blessing ours beyond measure. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Michael and I want to be parents really badly, and we cannot wait to bring our son home. You are making this possible for us. Wow! At church on a Sunday in December our pastor asked this question: "What is your opportunity to love?" We were supposed to write down the question and the answer on a note card. Michael and I had already been discussing the idea of adopting our first child. That day God brought the word to the forefront of my thoughts. My answer to the question was so clear from God, so I wrote ADOPTION on my notecard. The next thing the pastor said was this, "Do not be afraid to follow through on this opportunity to love." Our main fear in following through was the cost of the adoption, but we trusted in God and followed through. You are now a part of this story. A story we will tell our son one day, and a story that we will tell for years to come. Then our son will tell his children, and it will be passed on for generations.

Thank you so much,

Kristyn and Michael Jones

(Goodnight son. May you have a peaceful rest and a bright and delightful new day tomorrow. We love you--mom and dad)



    I am so excited and even I feel blessed by this generous woman!

    It won't be long now... I can just feel it. :) I can't wait to meet you Little Man.

    Love, Auntie Jessie

  2. I'm crying. I am SO happy for you three! God is good and I cannot wait to meet this little guy who will change your lives forever!!!

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  4. Hi Michael and Kristyn!

    I am SO EXCITED to be in touch with you and I LOVE this blog! I have been crying nonstop while reading this, so don't think for one minute you are the only ones being blessed! Is God just SO GREAT, or what?! Your son is going to be so blessed by reading this...what a great way to tell a story in this age of technology! Way to go, Kristyn!

    Love, Connie (aka, "the lady" - which makes me laugh)


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